Bank of Canada Rate Cut: How Much Can You Save on Your Mortgage Renewal?

Bank of Canada Rate Cut: How Much Can You Save on Your Mortgage Renewal?
June 5, 2024

Canadian homeowners and aspiring buyers received some welcome news on June 5th, 2024, as the Bank of Canada (BOC) announced its first interest rate cut in over four years. This historic move, slashing the key interest rate by 0.25% to 4.75%, has the potential to significantly impact the Canadian real estate market.

Relief for Mortgage Holders Facing Renewal

For Canadians whose mortgages are up for renewal, the rate cut could translate to substantial savings. In July 2023, the average fixed-rate mortgage hovered around 5.25%. With a 0.25% decrease in the key rate, some lenders might adjust their fixed rates downwards. Let's explore the potential impact with some calculations:


Consider a homeowner with a $400,000 mortgage balance coming up for renewal in July 2024. At the previous rate of 5.25% (amortization period of 25 years), their monthly mortgage payment would be approximately $2,278.

Potential Savings

If the lender offers a fixed rate that reflects the 0.25% decrease in the key rate (assuming a similar rate reduction and no changes in other fees), the new rate could be around 5%. This would translate to a monthly payment of approximately $2,213.

Savings Calculation

Over a year, the homeowner could potentially save $780 ($2,278 x 12) - ($2,213 x 12).

A Potential Spark for Buyer Demand

The rate cut could also incentivize new buyers to enter the market. With potentially lower borrowing costs, buying a home might become more affordable for many Canadians. This could translate to increased buyer activity, particularly for first-time buyers who have been priced out in recent years due to rising interest rates.\

A Note of Caution

However, it's important to be cautious. While a lower borrowing cost is attractive, a surge in buyer demand could potentially lead to a rebound in housing prices, particularly in hot markets. This could negate some of the affordability gains from the rate cut. The BOC will likely be closely monitoring the housing market to ensure a stable environment.

Impact on Existing Homeowners

For existing homeowners who aren't up for renewal, the impact might be less immediate. Variable-rate mortgages might see a slight decrease, but the overall benefit may be smaller compared to those with fixed rates coming up for renewal.

Expert Opinions

Economists generally view this as the beginning of a gradual decrease in interest rates. This could mean a period of lower borrowing costs for Canadians in the coming months and years. However, some experts caution that the BOC might take a cautious approach, lowering rates slowly and monitoring the effects on inflation and the housing market.

Overall, the Bank of Canada's rate cut offers a glimmer of hope for the Canadian real estate market. While it could lead to significant savings for mortgage holders up for renewal and potentially spur buyer demand, it's important to remain cautious about potential market fluctuations. The BOC's measured approach and close monitoring of the market will be crucial in ensuring a balanced and healthy real estate environment.

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