National Recognition for The Watson Brothers

National Recognition for The Watson Brothers
May 14, 2024

The Watson Brothers Team at Horizon Realty has received international recognition from Coldwell Banker Canada, ranking #4 in GCI across the country this week. This achievement comes as no surprise, given their multiple award wins at our recent ceremony. The team, under the guidance of Ian, has seen significant growth over the past year. Transforming the family business into a powerhouse, Ian states, "I am so proud of what we have built with my brother Barret. Our family team may look different now, but the knowledge and experience have proven themselves. Being recognized in a top Canadian spot is a true testament to Trish and Avery's excellent work, especially considering their relatively new presence in the industry."

Avery and Jennifer

The Evolution of the Team

However, Trish and Avery are not exactly newcomers. With Ian's brother and long-time partner transitioning to a consulting role, these two family members stepped up. They bring a fresh perspective and deep understanding of the industry, having been closely mentored by Ian. Trish Power, Ian’s partner, has been instrumental in winning the company award for innovative marketing with her community-building skills. Her influence is evident in all of the Watsons' events, enhancing the brand's presence in the industry. Avery Watson, Ian’s daughter, has quickly emerged as a standout member, contributing significantly to the team's achievements. Her dedication was highlighted through multiple awards, including the Diamond Team Award and the Company Marketing Award. Avery's exceptional administrative and negotiation skills, learned from family members Barret and Centel, have been pivotal in her success. Avery reflects, "Centel taught me the ropes with patience, building my confidence. Barret's attention to detail, both in paperwork and in relationships, has been a guiding principle for our team. I aim to continue their legacy."

A Bright Future Ahead

The Watson Brothers Team's accomplishments reflect their collective experience, innovative approach, and strong family values. With such a dynamic team, they are well-positioned for continued success in the real estate industry, keeping the legacy of excellence and innovation alive.

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