North Kelowna: My Dog Jeff and I Explore, Eat Local, and Love Every Bite!

North Kelowna: My Dog Jeff and I Explore, Eat Local, and Love Every Bite!
April 23, 2024

Hey everyone, Trish here, your Kelowna realtor who walks the walk (and wags the tail!) in the North End. You know me, I love good food, good company, and exploring hidden gems with my furry co-pilot, Jeff. Here's the inside scoop on our favorite doggy-friendly foodie adventures in the North End:

Coffee Fix at Craft 42 Roasters

Our mornings always begin at Craft 42 Roasters. The smell of freshly roasted beans hits you the second you walk in, and it's pure magic. I stick to a classic black coffee – strong and bold, just the way I like it to jumpstart my day. The vibe is super chill, with exposed brick walls and friendly faces. It's the perfect spot to grab a coffee, chat with the locals, and maybe even make a new furry friend (Jeff loves the attention!).

Craft 42 Roasters

Comfort Food Cravings at Okanagan Street Food

Just a few steps away from Craft 42 is Okanagan Street Food, a lifesaver after a long walk with Jeff. Sarah, the owner, is amazing and passionate about using fresh, local ingredients. Their portions are huge, and everything is bursting with flavor. My weakness? Their legendary mac and cheese – a creamy, cheesy masterpiece that melts in your mouth. Perfect for refueling after exploring the neighborhood.

Okanagan Street Food

Cheese Discovery at Perseval & Young Cheesemongers

No North End adventure is complete without a cheesy treat for Jeff (and okay, me too!). Perseval & Young Cheesemongers [link] is cheese heaven on earth. They have a mind-blowing selection, from local favorites to fancy international options. The staff is super knowledgeable – Jessica always picks out the perfect cheese for me, and they even have yummy dog biscuits so Jeff doesn't feel left out.

Perseval & Young Cheesemongers

Wine Down at Sandhill Wines

The perfect ending to our walks is a visit to Sandhill Wines [link]. They have some of the best wines in the Okanagan Valley, and their tasting room is beautiful. I love their Riesling – light and refreshing, especially after a day of exploring. In the summer, their patio comes alive with music and events, making it the perfect spot to unwind with a glass of wine and soak up the Okanagan sunshine.

Sandhill Wines

More Than Just Food

The North End is more than just delicious food (although that's a pretty big perk!). It's a vibrant community with a friendly, welcoming vibe. We love walking by the colorful murals that decorate the streets, popping into unique shops, and chatting with the shopkeepers. It's a place where you feel like you belong, and Jeff gets his belly rubs scratched by friendly strangers (his favorite part!).

So, if you're looking for a place to live, explore, and eat your way through amazing local finds, the North End is calling your name! Come visit us, grab a coffee, and let me show you why we love calling this neighborhood home.

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