Housing Market Cooldown Offers Hope for Affordability, Rate Cuts: BMO

Housing Market Cooldown Offers Hope for Affordability, Rate Cuts: BMO
May 15, 2024

BMO, a leading Canadian financial institution, is offering insights into the recent slowdown in the country's housing market. Their Chief Economist, Douglas Porter, sees this as a positive development, potentially leading to increased affordability and even interest rate cuts.

More Choices, Cooler Prices

Data from CREA shows a rise in new listings and a decrease in sales activity. This translates to more houses on the market, giving buyers greater selection and potentially more negotiating power when it comes to price.

Affordability on the Horizon?

BMO welcomes the "calmer housing market," as Porter terms it. This has resulted in a 1.8% decrease in housing prices compared to April 2023. This correction is a hopeful sign for Canadians who have been priced out of the market in recent years.

The Rate Cut Possibility

With a less volatile housing market, the Bank of Canada might be more open to lowering interest rates. Previously, concerns about fueling another price surge may have held them back. A more balanced market, with increased supply and tempered demand, could pave the way for rate cuts, making mortgages more accessible for buyers.

Long-Term Supply Concerns

While the current slowdown is positive, BMO identifies lingering challenges. New housing starts are lagging behind federal budget targets, and many new starts are multi-unit dwellings that take longer to complete. This means the supply of single-family homes, in high demand by many buyers, may not increase significantly in the near future.

BMO's message is clear: the Canadian housing market is shifting. This shift offers potential benefits for buyers seeking affordability and could even lead to future interest rate cuts. However, long-term concerns regarding new housing supply remain.

Ready to Navigate the Market?

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