British Columbia Leads Construction Charge as Permits Hit Record High

British Columbia Leads Construction Charge as Permits Hit Record High
June 12, 2024

Good news for the Canadian housing market! Building permits across the country jumped by a significant 20.5% in April 2024 compared to March, according to Statistics Canada. This marks the fastest monthly growth rate since May 2020 and the strongest non-pandemic increase since March 2009.

While month-to-month data can fluctuate, this substantial rise offers a positive sign for construction activity in Canada, a nation grappling with a persistent housing shortage.

Residential Permits Lead the Charge

The residential sector spearheaded the growth, with permits surging 19.6%. Notably, multi-family permits witnessed a remarkable 32.6% increase, potentially indicating a focus on building apartments and condos. Single-family permits, on the other hand, saw a more modest rise of 2.4%.

All Sectors Experience Growth

The positive trend wasn't limited to residential construction. Non-residential permits also climbed 19.6%, with all subsectors experiencing significant gains. Industrial permits increased by 17.4%, commercial permits by 21.3%, and institutional permits by 17.7%.

British Columbia Takes the Lead

British Columbia emerged as the frontrunner in building permit growth. The province hit a record high of C$3.1 billion ($2.3 billion) in total permits, representing an impressive 81.1% increase from March. Vancouver, the province's largest city, witnessed an even more dramatic rise of 139.7% in permits.

Toronto and Montreal See Upward Trends

Other major cities also saw positive developments. Toronto experienced a 34.3% increase in permits, while Montreal permits rose by 13.4%.

Impact on the Housing Market

While the long-term effects remain to be seen, this surge in building permits suggests a potential increase in housing supply in the coming months and years. This could offer some relief to the current housing shortage and potentially help stabilize or even reduce housing prices.

Your Partner in a Changing Market

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