6-Unit Infill Project Proposed Near Kelowna's Capri Centre

6-Unit Infill Project Proposed Near Kelowna's Capri Centre
April 19, 2024

6-Unit Infill Project Proposed Near Kelowna's Capri Centre

The Kelowna real estate market is seeing a rise in infill development projects, and the area around the Capri Centre is no exception. A recent proposal by Urban Options Planning Corp. suggests a new 6-unit development for 934 Laurier Ave., aiming to address Kelowna's housing needs while adhering to city infill guidelines.

Project Details and Amenities

The project would involve constructing two, three-storey buildings, replacing an existing house and accessory building on the property. This development caters to diverse living preferences by offering a mix of unit layouts:

  • Units 1-4 facing Laurier Avenue for a more vibrant atmosphere.
  • Units 5-6 overlooking a new rear laneway for a quieter environment.

All units boast private outdoor space, whether it's a balcony, rooftop patio, or private yard, enhancing the living experience. Parking would be conveniently located in a rear carport.

Modern Design with a Community Focus

The development incorporates a modern architectural style, featuring high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements to complement the neighbourhood. A central corridor provides safe and easy access for residents.

Urban Options Planning Corp. emphasizes the project's focus on fostering a sense of community for both new and existing residents of the Laurier Avenue neighbourhood.

Infill Development

This proposal reflects Kelowna's strategic shift towards infill development. In response to the provincial housing crisis, the city encourages multi-unit projects on underutilized lots near transit corridors. Infill development offers several advantages for Kelowna's real estate market:

  • Increased Housing Supply: These projects help alleviate Kelowna's housing shortage by utilizing existing space.
  • Diverse Housing Options: Infill developments often provide a variety of unit sizes and layouts, catering to a wider range of residents, from young professionals to families.
  • Neighbourhood Revitalization: Infill projects can breathe new life into established neighbourhoods, potentially increasing property values.
  • Improved Sustainability: Residents in infill developments often benefit from closer proximity to amenities like the Capri Centre, reducing reliance on cars.

Impact and Next Steps

The City of Kelowna is actively streamlining the approval process for infill projects. Recent amendments aim to empower city staff to issue development permits for smaller scale multi-unit projects, potentially expediting the approval timeline for this proposal.

If approved, this project would contribute to Kelowna's growing infill landscape and offer much-needed housing options in a desirable location near the Capri Centre, impacting the local real estate market.

Your Trusted Guide

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Source: City Of Kelowna

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