Vista Road Transformation? City To Review Multi-Unit Rental Project in Rutland

Vista Road Transformation? City To Review Multi-Unit Rental Project in Rutland
June 14, 2024

Kelowna renters looking for new options may be interested in a proposed development project currently under consideration by the Kelowna City Council. The project would see a six-storey, 99-unit rental building constructed on three properties located at 425, 445 and 455 Vista Road in Rutland.

Project Breakdown

  • Unit Mix: The building will offer a variety of unit sizes to cater to different needs, with a breakdown of 32 studio units, 44 one-bedroom units, and 23 two-bedroom units.
  • Parking and Storage: The development plans include 76 on-site parking stalls to accommodate residents with vehicles. Additionally, the project incorporates a significant number of bicycle parking spaces, totaling 140, encouraging sustainable transportation options.
  • Alignment with City Planning: The project aligns with the City of Kelowna's Official Community Plan (OCP)  "Objective 4.1: Strengthen the Urban Centres as Kelowna's primary hubs of activity."  Specifically, it adheres to OCP Policy 4.1.6, which directs medium and high-density development to Urban Centres to create a housing mix closer to employment opportunities and maximize existing infrastructure.  Furthermore, the project is consistent with OCP Policy 4.12.3, which promotes a range of rental and ownership tenures to support diverse housing needs. By implementing a "Rental Only" zoning designation, the project ensures the long-term availability of rental units within the development.

Location and Amenities

The proposed development boasts a convenient location within Rutland, offering residents easy access to various amenities:

  • Public Transportation: Public transit stops are situated approximately 200 meters north on Leathead Road and 500 meters south along Highway 33 West, providing residents with convenient access to Kelowna's bus network.
  • Recreation: The project sits close to the Houghton Road Recreation Corridor, perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Schools: Families with school-aged children will appreciate the close proximity to Rutland Elementary, Middle and Senior Schools.
  • Parks and Shopping: Several parks and a variety of commercial retail stores located along Highway 33 offer residents options for leisure, shopping, and dining.

Current Stage and Next Steps

The City Council will conduct its initial review of the development application on June 17th, 2024. Following the initial review, the Council may hold further discussions and potentially vote on the project's approval.

Stay Informed

As a leading Kelowna real estate brokerage, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty is committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments in the city's housing market. This proposed rental project represents a potential increase in rental options within Rutland. Whether you're a renter seeking a new home or an investor interested in the Kelowna market, we can assist you in navigating your real estate needs. Contact Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty today to learn more about this development or explore our diverse range of rental properties throughout Kelowna.

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