Top Dog Parks and Walks in Kelowna for Playful Pups and Happy Owners

Top Dog Parks and Walks in Kelowna for Playful Pups and Happy Owners
April 16, 2024

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! I'm a Kelowna resident and pup parent to Jeff, a ball of fur with endless energy. Finding a home that fit both of us wasn't easy.  You know how it is – gotta consider your pet's needs too! My yard is great, but Jeff needs those zoomies out every day. That's why we're always on the hunt for amazing walks and dog parks. Here are our top picks, perfect for active pups and their humans:

Parks for Playtime

  • Ellison Fields Dog Park (Upper Mission): This massive park is a dream for energetic dogs. Separate areas for big and small breeds mean safe, happy playtime for everyone. Jeff loves chasing his frisbee here, and I love watching him make new furry friends! Ellison Dog Park
  • Mission Recreation Park Dog Park: Another social pup paradise! This park has a dedicated off-leash area with sections for all sizes. Bonus: water fountains are available to keep your pooch hydrated during playtime. Perfect for a post-walk cool down! Mission Dog Park
  • Cedar Creek Dog Beach: Feeling hot, dog? This beach is the answer! Cedar Creek Dog Beach has a special off-leash area where pups can splash around in Okanagan Lake. This rocky beach is ideal for water-loving dogs like Jeff, who can cool off after a good fetch session.

Nature Walks to Explore

  • John's Family Park (Upper Mission): This scenic park boasts breathtaking lake views and trails for all fitness levels. While technically on-leash, many dog owners (myself included!) enjoy exploring with their furry companions here. Just remember to keep your pup under control and respect leash laws.
  • Knox Mountain Park: Kelowna's iconic landmark offers a network of trails for all abilities. Most trails require leashes, but there's a designated off-leash dog park near the entrance. Let your pup run free, then enjoy the panoramic city and lake views together! Knox Mountain Park
  • Kalamoir Park (West Kelowna): Located lakeside, Kalamoir Park is a scenic trail perfect for walking, hiking, running, or just hanging out with your dog. This off-leash area allows your pup to explore freely by the water, with plenty of opportunities for a refreshing swim – Jeff's favorite way to end a long walk!

Finding Your Perfect Place

Finding a home that caters to both you and your pet's needs is important. Watson Brother Team can help! Whether you need a spacious backyard or a location close to dog parks and trails, our experienced team can guide you towards your Kelowna dream home.

Remember: Always follow leash laws and park rules, and clean up after your pet so everyone can enjoy these spots safely. Happy exploring with your furry best friend!

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