New Short-Term Rental Rules in Peachland - Effective 1 May, 2024

New Short-Term Rental Rules in Peachland - Effective 1 May, 2024
April 23, 2024

The Province of British Columbia has implemented significant changes to short-term rental (STR) regulations, effective May 1, 2024. However, these changes primarily impact communities with populations exceeding 10,000, leaving Peachland's existing framework largely unaffected. Here's a breakdown of what Peachland residents and STR operators need to know:

Peachland's Existing STR Regulations

Peachland's approach to STRs, outlined in the "Bed and Breakfast" section of its Zoning Bylaw, differs from the new provincial model:

Permitted Rentals

  • Rooms in a Principal Residence: You can rent out a room or rooms within your primary dwelling for short-term stays.
  • Registered Secondary Suites: Separate dwelling units with a valid suite license within your main residence can also be listed for short-term rentals.

Prohibited Rentals

  • Whole-Home Rentals: Renting out an entire house or condo for short-term stays is not allowed.
  • Garden Suites: Detached secondary dwellings (carriage homes, laneway homes) cannot be used for STRs but are allowed for long-term rentals.

Impact of Provincial Regulations

The provincial emphasis on principal residence alignment aligns with Peachland's existing regulations. However, future harmonization remains a possibility.

Peachland STR Operators

  • Review Peachland Zoning Bylaw: Ensure your STR adheres to existing regulations regarding permitted locations (principal residence or registered secondary suite) and occupancy limitations.
  • Maintain Business License: A valid business license remains mandatory for all short-term rental operations.
  • Stay Informed: Monitor for potential updates to Peachland's zoning bylaws regarding short-term rentals.


While Peachland's current STR framework remains independent, it's advisable for operators to stay informed about potential future bylaw updates to ensure continued compliance with local regulations.

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