Kelowna's Top 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods

Kelowna's Top 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods
April 5, 2024


Kelowna is a thriving city in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, consistently ranked as one of the most desirable places to live in Canada. With its stunning scenery, abundant sunshine, and vibrant community, Kelowna offers a perfect environment to raise a family. But choosing the right neighborhood is crucial. This guide can help you find the best places for families in Kelowna. We'll show you five neighborhoods that are great for families. From Lower Mission's calm beaches to Black Mountain's quiet streets, we'll talk about what makes each place special.

1. Lower Mission

Lower Mission exudes a vibrant energy with stunning Okanagan Lake views. Families flock here for its proximity to beaches. Explore Mission Creek Greenway's walking and cycling trails or cool off at the H2O Aquatic Centre. Excellent schools solidify Lower Mission's appeal.


  • Schools: Anne McClymont Elementary (within neighborhood), Okanagan Mission Secondary (10-minute drive)
  • Parks & Amenities: Gyro Beach and Boyce-Gyro Beach Park (directly across the street), H2O Aquatic Centre (5-minute drive), Mission Creek Greenway (10-minute drive)

Family Considerations: Lower Mission offers an active lifestyle with easy access to waterfront beaches, parks, and recreational facilities. Housing options range from character homes and lakefront estates to townhomes and condos, catering to a variety of budgets and preferences. Be prepared for slightly higher housing costs due to the prime location.

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2. Kettle Valley

Nestled in Kelowna's scenic Upper Mission area, Kettle Valley fosters a strong sense of community. Safe streets lined with modern homes create a welcoming environment. Enjoy easy access to parks and green spaces like Curlew Park and the popular Quilchena Park with its playground, spray park, and breathtaking lake views. Highly regarded schools add to the neighborhood's prestige. New development phases offer exciting opportunities for families seeking a brand-new home, with the latest phase including a daycare facility.


  • Schools: Chute Lake Elementary (within neighborhood), Okanagan Mission Secondary (15-minute drive)
  • Parks & Amenities: Curlew Park (5-minute drive), Quilchena Park (10-minute drive), daycare facility (within new development phase)

Family Considerations: Kettle Valley offers a peaceful setting with excellent schools and a strong sense of community. However, with limited shops and restaurants within walking distance, a car is necessary for most errands.

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3. Glenmore

Glenmore strikes a perfect balance between urban convenience and a nature-oriented lifestyle. Families benefit from excellent schools within walking distance or a short bus ride. Extensive recreational facilities like Glenmore Recreation Park with its water park and sports fields provide ample opportunities for outdoor fun (5-minute drive). Brandt's Creek Linear Park offers peaceful walking trails (10-minute walk). Housing options range from single-family homes nestled beside farmlands to townhomes and condos near shops and restaurants on Glenmore Drive.


  • Schools: Watson Elementary (within neighborhood), North Glenmore Elementary (10-minute walk)
  • Parks & Amenities: Glenmore Recreation Park (water park, sports fields) (5-minute drive), Brandt's Creek Linear Park (walking trails) (10-minute walk), shops and restaurants on Glenmore Drive (within walking distance)

Family Considerations: Glenmore caters well to families with a mix of housing options, excellent schools, and ample green space. However, traffic can be busier on Glenmore Road during peak hours, so consider this if walkability to everyday needs is a high priority.

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4. Wilden

Immerse your family in nature's playground at Wilden, a master-planned community. Breathtaking vistas, a network of nature trails right out your doorstep, playgrounds scattered throughout the community, and several picturesque ponds create an idyllic environment. Family-oriented events and strong community spirit foster a welcoming atmosphere. Schools are located outside the community, but Watson Elementary and Dr. Knox Middle are within a 10-15 minute drive. Explore a variety of housing options, from single-family homes to townhomes, to find your perfect family-friendly fit.


  • Schools: Watson Elementary (10-minute drive), Dr. Knox Middle (15-minute drive)
  • Parks & Amenities: Nature trails (throughout the community), playgrounds (scattered throughout the community), ponds (several picturesque ponds)

Family Considerations: Wilden offers an escape for families who prioritize an active outdoor lifestyle. However, with schools outside the community, driving is necessary for everyday errands and commutes.

5. Black Mountain

Black Mountain offers a tranquil escape with lower crime rates and easy access to amenities in Rutland (10-minute drive), including a skating rink and library. Black Mountain Elementary is within the neighborhood, while Spring valley Middle and Rutland Secondary are a 10-15 minute drive. Parks like Black Mountain Park with hiking trails and Gopher Creek Linear Park provide opportunities to connect with nature. Black Mountain is also just a 40-minute drive from Big White Ski Resort, perfect for winter enthusiasts.


  • Schools: Black Mountain Elementary (within neighborhood), Spring valley Middle (10-minute drive), Rutland Secondary (15-minute drive)
  • Parks & Amenities: Black Mountain Park (hiking trails) (5-minute drive), Gopher Creek Linear Park (10-minute drive), Rutland Arena (skating rink) and Rutland Centennial Library (10-minute drive in Rutland)

Family Considerations: Black Mountain provides a peaceful environment with good schools and access to amenities in Rutland. However, similar to Wilden, some everyday errands may require driving due to the neighborhood's semi-rural setting.

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Ranking Considerations

While all the neighborhoods mentioned offer a wonderful place to raise a family in Kelowna, some may be a better fit than others depending on your priorities. Here's a breakdown of key considerations:

  1. Proximity to Schools: Does walking distance to schools matter most, or are you comfortable with a short bus ride? Consider the age of your children and their future schooling needs.
  2. Access to Parks and Playgrounds: How important is easy access to green space and play areas for your family?
  3. Safe Streets and Environment: Look for a neighborhood with a low crime rate, well-maintained streets, and a sense of community where neighbors look out for each other.
  4. Family-Friendly Amenities: Consider the proximity to libraries, recreational facilities, community centers, and family restaurants.
  5. Sense of Community: Do you crave a vibrant community with events and social gatherings, or prioritize a quieter, more private setting?
  6. Kid-Friendly Services: Easy access to pediatricians, dentists, daycare centers, and other family services can make life easier.
  7. Walkability and Traffic: If walkability to everyday needs is important, prioritize neighborhoods with sidewalks, bike paths, and easy access to shops and amenities. Consider traffic congestion during peak hours.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all answer! The perfect neighborhood for your family will depend on your unique needs and priorities.

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