192 New Rental Units Proposed in Kelowna

192 New Rental Units Proposed in Kelowna
April 22, 2024

192 New Rental Units Proposed in Kelowna

Kelowna City Council is set to review two separate applications for rental developments on Monday, offering a glimmer of hope to renters seeking options in the city. If approved, these projects would add a combined total of 192 much-needed units to Kelowna's housing stock.

Belaire Avenue Development

  • Location: Two consolidated properties at 1310 and 1320 Belaire Avenue (Capri-Landmark urban centre)
  • Stage: Rezoning application for a six-storey building with 62 rental units
  • Amenities: Partially sunken enclosed parkade with 49 parking spaces (including accessible options)
  • Next Steps: If approved, a development permit with specific plans would be submitted later

This first proposal seeks to rezone land at 1310 and 1320 Belaire Avenue, located on the northern edge of Capri-Landmark, for a new six-storey building dedicated to rentals. The building would offer 62 units, potentially comprising a mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments to cater to different needs. While specifics regarding the unit mix and amenities are yet to be confirmed, the application mentions a partially underground enclosed parkade with dedicated parking spaces, including accessible options.

Lawson Avenue Development (rezoning approved in August 2023)

  • Developer: Troika Developments
  • Location: Fronts onto Lawson Avenue, Gordon Drive, and Aspen Street
  • Stage: Development and development variance permits application
  • Building: Six-storey with 130 rental units
  • Amenities: Fitness room, games room, co-working space, fifth-floor deck, green roof
  • Parking: Below grade and surface parking for 122 vehicles, plus 181 bicycle spaces
  • Additional Requirement: Car-sharing agreement for a minimum of two years upon building occupancy

The second proposal comes from Troika Developments and pertains to a project that already received rezoning approval in August 2023. Located on Lawson Avenue with frontages on Gordon Drive and Aspen Street, this development envisions a six-storey building offering 130 rental units.

Troika Developments appears to be targeting a demographic seeking a more amenity-rich lifestyle. Their plans include a fitness room, games room, and co-working space, catering to residents who might work from home or require dedicated study areas. The building would also boast a spacious deck on the fifth floor, potentially offering stunning city views, and a green roof, contributing to a more sustainable design.

Recognizing the potential parking strain with a new influx of residents, the development incorporates below-grade and surface parking for 122 vehicles. However, the focus seems to be on promoting alternative transportation options as well. The plans include a significant number of bicycle spaces (181) and a mandatory car-sharing agreement for the building, remaining in effect for a minimum of two years upon occupancy.

City Planning Recommends Approval

City planning staff has reviewed both applications and is recommending their approval by Kelowna City Council. With Kelowna facing a well-documented rental shortage, these developments could provide much-needed housing options for residents. The City Council meeting on Monday afternoon will be crucial in determining the fate of these proposals. If approved, both developments could take significant strides forward, potentially bringing much-needed relief to Kelowna's rental market. Residents interested in the details or hoping to voice their opinions are encouraged to attend the council meeting or check the City's website for further information.

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